Common sense

Common sense is the idea of knowing exactly how something should be and that’s the only way it should be. These are common concepts that people have become accustomed to in their everyday life. Common sense differs from area to area and depends on where you are in the world. In the readings, in Nepal, it was common sense for teachers to only follow the textbook provided by the government and prepare the students for the end of year exams. If you look in Canada, teachers use a variety of other materials to help teach other than the textbook given to help prepare these kids for not only the end of year exam, but for their lives as well. The reason why it is so important to pay attention to common sense is because it’s different everywhere you go. It depends on region, culture, and other aspects that help add to that common sense knowing. When travelling to another country, it’s especially important to pay attention to what the common sense is because if you stray away from that, it could come of as disrespectful and that you’re trying to go against what everyone is used to. It’s not always a bad thing to go against what is common sense, but not everyone is going to agree with it or be on board with the idea. In the readings given, the teacher in Nepal was asked by students to only use the textbook is his teachings because they felt their education would be jeopardized otherwise. It might not seem like a big deal to go against that common sense and try something different, but as a teacher it’s not only yourself that you’re affecting, but your students and the other teachers around you. The consequences of doing so can be bad depending on where you go. Those students in Nepal had become so accustomed to thee common sense of teaching that they didn’t want it any other way. The idea of common sense is determined on your surroundings, how you were brought up, and the area you are in. It differs from place to place and is why it’s important to pay close attention to it. This is how people live their lives and how they  go about everything, and to come in and go against that could be a good thing for some, or come off as disrespect, it’s dependant on where you are.

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