Ways of knowing

Ways of knowing ties into the Indigenous culture with land, language and other things having a much deeper meaning than what is presented on the surface. The terms reinhabitation and decolonization go hand in hand. In order to reinhabit a idea, one first has to break down the barriers and challenges colonization has brought, in other words, decolonize things. These are important terms because you can’t have one without the other.

Bringing the elders and the youth is a great way to pass down knowledge and learn past ways of how things were done. This is a valid f way of storytelling and is an important way to pass down history. Many of the Indigenous youth are becoming distant from their culture, which is why the 10 day river trip they went on with the elders is important. The one way reinhabitation is evident in the article is the map of the river. There were many more Mushkegowuk names on the map than there were in English. This helped support the elders claim that every curve in the river had a name. The more the kids learned about the natural environment and how it came about and the relationship they have with the land, this begins to tear down the colonized barriers. Elders are very wise people. The other main point I found in the article was the younger generations misusing certain words, which leads to a loss of culture, which is  why the elders are important to the youth. They know more about their culture and background than anyone else, and is why it was important for the kids to hear from them. Once they learn the truth about their background from someone who is apart of it, and not from textbooks or other forms of knowledge, it begins the process of decolonization and begins to reinhabit that knowledge back into their lives. This is a process that can only be achieved with time and willing to put in the work to learn. With this, it is truly a new beginning to reinhabit  and decolonize their ways.

There are may ways this can be adapted to fit someone finding their own place because everyone is different. Everyone has their own place in the world and in their teachings. It can’t really be described in words how I would do this for myself because it’s not something that you can spend time searching for and trying to force it to happen. If you try to force something to happen, typically, you don’t really believe in it all that much. It would have to occur naturally for me to actually believe it otherwise it would be forced and not genuine. My own place is something that I am still working on and I think we’re constantly working on. It isn’t something that is noticed all that much until you’re in that position.

Learning from Place article

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