Ways of knowing

Ways of knowing ties into the Indigenous culture with land, language and other things having a much deeper meaning than what is presented on the surface. I had a lot of trouble trying to understand and break down this article so I don’t really have a lot to go off of.

Bringing the elders and the youth is a great way to pass down knowledge and learn past ways of how things were done. That idea goes with the reinhabitation portion. Many Indigenous youth have lost their identity within their culture due to it not being enforced in everyday life. The idea of them going out with elders and learning the significance of the land and their surroundings was a huge part of beginning to learn again. There was one part about every curve in the river having a name due to ancestors being buried there which is thought was cool because that’s not something that someone would know unless you had the elders there to help explain everything.

There are may ways this can be adapted to fit someone finding their own place because everyone is different. Everyone has their own place in the world and in their teachings. It can’t really be described in words how I would do this for myself because it’s not something that you can spend time searching for and trying to force it to happen. It would have to occur naturally for me to actually believe it otherwise it would be forced and not genuine.

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